Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Glee Character Searches for Guidance

Did anyone catch last night’s episode of Glee? This was my first time watching the show of which I am now a huge fan. But, wow does the guidance counselor need some help!

During the episode, Rachel approaches her guidance counselor, Mrs. Pillsbury, for advice on whether or not to have sex because she doesn’t know if she is ready to take that step with her new boyfriend. Well, the Mrs. Pillsbury is also a virgin and does not feel comfortable addressing topics related to sexual behavior with students. She immediately tells Rachel, "this is a perfect chat to have with your mom" to which Rachel replies, “but I am the daughter of two gay dads”.  So Mrs. Pillsbury reponds, "how about your Rabbi."  Rachel tells her that she is not comfortable talking about this with her Rabbi and the conversation ends leaving Rachel with no answers.

So what about the young people who don’t have parents or other caring adults in their lives that are willing to have conversations about love, sex and relationships? If young people can’t turn to their parents, their friends give them conflicting advice, and their guidance counselors won’t approach the subject, where are they to turn? Hopefully most guidance counselors are not as fretful about the topic and realize they can play a role in teen pregnancy prevention. The SC Campaign even has a resource titled, What Can School Counselors Do to spark ideas.

Bottom line, we all play a role in teen pregnancy prevention – not just parents. While our ultimate hope is that conversations about love, sex and relationships are beginning at home, these messages must be reinforced by what young people are learning in the classroom, hearing from their guidance counselors, and talking about in their church youth groups.

By: Cayci S. Banks, Director of Communications
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