Tuesday, November 15, 2011

No Such Thing as THE Talk...Let's Talk 365!

When it comes to love, sex, and relationships, it is easy to say – in theory – that ongoing communication is important.  But, we all know that as children grow and become more and more curious, we can often be blind-sided by what our youth actually know – or think they know – about sex. 

This is why the talk is not simply a one-time presentation that we can schedule for a certain age or circumstance.  As uneasy as it could be, we have to continue using teachable moments and life lessons as spring boards for honest, open communication with young people…about all types of issues, but especially about sex.

This is also why, as professionals, we have to practice what we preach and make parent-child communication an ongoing priority in our awareness, education, and marketing activities.  October was Let’s Talk Month, but we should continue to emphasize this issue all year.  Accordingly, the SC Campaign is please to highlight our parent portal emphasis and public awareness campaign – Let’s Talk 365!

If there is no such thing as THE TALK, then I guess we should be careful not to depend too much on THE MONTH of October as the main platform for parent-child communication about sex, love, and relationships!  Please keep talking with young people and using our resources throughout the year.   If we want families to help in prevention efforts every month, then we must keep the issue prominent in our activities…365!

-Kimberly Wicker is Outreach and Development Specialist at the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy. Contact Kimberly at kwicker@teenpregnancysc.org.

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