Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ready, Set, Shoot!

Let's Talk Month "Photo-a-Day" Challenge

The South Carolina Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy (SC Campaign) is getting into the spirit this October for Let's Talk Month!  Let's Talk Month encourages parents and other caring adults to communicate with young people about love, sex, and relationships. As part of this month’s activities, we are encouraging our friends and followers to show support by participating in a "Photo-a-Day" challenge.

Our "Photo-a-Day" Challenge will begin Oct. 12 and last 19 days.  We chose 19 to represent the 19 teens that get pregnant each day in South Carolina!  Read the info below to find out how to participate and show your support for teen pregnancy prevention!  We can't wait to see the photos!


How to play

1. Look at the list of "prompts", every day has a different theme!
2. Grab a camera – your phone or a plain old camera – and take a photo using the daily prompt as inspiration.
3. Upload your photo on each day to wherever you like: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr, your blog or anywhere you please. (If sharing on Twitter or Instagram add the hashtag #LetsTalkSC)


Where to share

Once you’ve taken your photo for the daily prompt the fun is really in sharing it with friends. You can share them in one place, or a few – it’s all up to you. Here’s how to share:

This is one of our favorite places to share. Take your photo, add a filter, write a little about in the caption and add the hashtag #LetsTalkSC. Best of all, when you publish your photo, you can also publish to your Facebook page, Twitter, Tumblr and Flickr. So all the work is done for you. I’m @sarabeestaylor on Instagram.

Upload your photo to Twitter and share a bit about it along with the hashtag #LetsTalkSC. Get social and tweet with the other photo a day players.  Mention the SC Campaign by using @SCCampaign.

There are a few ways you could share on Facebook. You could create an album on your personal page, upload the list and share the photos every day. It’s a fun way to share with your friends. You can also upload directly to the SC Campaign Facebook Page. Another option would be to create a group with your friends.

You can share your photos in an album on Flickr.

Tumblr + Blogs
Upload and share on your Tumblr and Blogs as you please. You can upload them daily or upload in one looooong post at the end of the month.


The Prompts


1. What Made you SMILE today? Be sure to snap a quick pick for the first "photo-a-day"!
2. Love:  Take a photo that represents "love" for you.
3. I'm responsible for...: Walking the dog? Feeding my family? Shoot a photo of it and share! 
4. What is your favorite place to talk?
5. Awkward!: Take a photo of something awkward you have seen today!
6. I’m thankful for…
7. Friendship: BFFs, Coffee Buddies, etc.  Just grab a quick pic of what "friendships" is for you.
8. What is YOUR Reality?
9.  I feel comfortable when...: Take a photo of when you feel most comfortable-even in PJs!
10. What represents "strength" for you? Mountains...moms...what?
11. A teachable moment: Take a photo of a moment that can be used to teach you or others.
12. What is worth waiting for?
13. What are you listening to? Music? Children laughing? Share it.
14. Home is...
15. What is one of your family values?
16. What does "beautiful" mean to you.
17. What does "quality time" look like?
18. Truth and Trust go hand in hand.  Snap a pic of what this looks like to you.
19. Spooky…scary…what scares you?

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