Saturday, December 8, 2012


Most of the time I am up to date with slang terminology.
Example: Vamping. To be up late at night. Derived from the word Vampire.

Then I started to see YOLO on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. Finally someone told me it means You Only Live Once.  Very similar to a quote we used to throw around in college. “You only live once, but once is enough if you live right.”

Looking back I had no idea what right was, but it sounded good. So now, it’s 23 days until 2013.  Meaning 23 days to write my YOLO List. Previously known as my 30 before 30 list or simply my New Year’s Resolutions.

Now, past the age of 30, I feel like having a time limit adds unnecessary pressure. So I was thinking, “How can I start 2013 off with a bang?” As usual, I put the list to the side to work on later and then I got an email from a dear friend ten-thousands of miles away. It read, “ I am coming to visit you! –Shimai” Shimai is sister in Japanese.

This year, I’ll joining thousands people from around the world in Time Square. Joining me will be my cousin and my dear friend Atsuko. It’s her first time to this country and I am elated to show her my 2 favorite cities. New York City and my hometown, Chester, SC. So if spending your favorite holiday with two of your favorite people in one of your favorite cities, I think 2013 has it’s official YOLO stamp of approval.

by Meredith Talford, Upstate Technical Assistance Specialist, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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