Saturday, February 2, 2013

Art Inspires the Heart

I celebrate a little on the last day of January because it’s a day dedicated to art! Not only art, but art that inspires your HEART! With Pinterest taking over the world, we all have the ability to find and release our inner artist. Remember that craft project you have been dreaming about (you probably pinned it to your “For a Rainy Day” board on Pinterest!), but you just haven’t yet tackled? It may not be raining, but today is the day!

Remember how much fun finger painting was when you were little? You’d smother your chubby little fingers in paint and smear it all over your paper (or maybe the wall). Your eyes lit up with every color you added. To the average eye it was a big blob of brown, but to you it was you and your dog running through the yard with the wind in your hair. Maybe it was you and your sister building sandcastles on the beach. Whatever it was—it inspired you! The image warmed your heart.

Let yourself return to that place!

I’ve always been what some call “artsy fartsy.” My husband doesn’t understand what I did with all my time in school if I wasn’t playing sports. When I wasn’t driving my sister crazy (or having her drive me places) or helping my parents sprout  gray hairs, I was drawing, painting or acting in school plays. I may have graduated and landed a “real job,” but my creative side steals the spotlight in my day-to-day life. As a member of the Research and Evaluation team at the SC Campaign, I work with numbers all day. I love numbers, but I love the picture they paint even more. I’m always trying to find ways to present and display data so the rest of our team not only understands the numbers, but can use the data to make decisions. When I’m not performing data nerd duties at the office, I’m bending wire and playing with beads to make jewelry for my shop, reSLICEd . I like to keep my hands busy and my mind inspired.

Whatever your craft of choice may be, like Nike  says “just do it!” Inspire your heart with art!

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