Monday, February 10, 2014

Why Being Single on Valentine's Day Isn't All Bad

With Cupid's arrow quickly approaching, those of us who don't have a honey to spend the holiday with may be feeling a little down. There is no need for despair! There are lots of ways you can feel loved this Valentine's Day. Here's how:

1. Pamper yourself. Remember all that money you once spent on roses, chocolates, teddy bears and fancy dinners? Well, guess what? Now you can spend all that money on yourself! Live a little, schedule a massage or pedicure. Of if you're me, treat yourself to some shiny new disc golf discs!

2. Live up to your own expectations. I have experienced more than one Valentine's Day where I set my expectations too high. I expected to be whisked away on a romantic date at an Italian bistro or given a dozen roses, and instead, ended up at the Indian joint down the street (but don't get me wrong, I love Indian food any other day) So this year, set your expectations high and meet them yourself. This way, it's your own fault if you are let down!

3. Go on a friend date. Why not get all of your single friends together for a romantic dinner so you can enjoy singledom together? This sounds way more enticing than sitting on the couch, eating a box of chocolates and watching "The Notebook" alone. If you want to be corny about it and make the couples around you jealous, go around and say one thing you love about each of your friends. Go ahead, make them feel all warm and fuzzy inside!

4. You don't have to share. Head to the grocery store on February 15 and stock up on discounted candy that don't have to share with anyone!

5. Love yourself. Don't let yourself get down because you don't have a special someone to enjoy this year's Valentine's Day with. Take this time to reflect on what you love about yourself and how you can make your life as fulfilling as possible. 

We need to teach our young people that it's okay to be single - this is a great time to find yourself and discover what your passions are. So this year, if you find yourself alone on Friday night, don't sulk! Grab a box of candy hearts and let all of those compliments sink in! 

by Sara Lamberson, Corporate Communications Specialist, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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