Monday, October 4, 2010

To Whom Much is Given

I don't need to finish the proverb because you already know the rest of the story! September 29, 2010 is a day that we will mark on the historical calendar of the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy as one that changed our state for the better. We were thrilled to find out from our colleagues at the Office of Adolescent Health and the Centers for Disease Control that we were funded for, not one, but TWO large federal, multi-year grants. While the amounts of the grants are staggering and impressive – nearly $3 million per year for each of the next five years – they don't tell the whole story so don't get caught up on the numbers.

The story is this: during a time when the great decreases we saw in teen pregnancy rates throughout the 1990's have stalled, more than 10,000 young people will be served by the programs funded within these grants; during a time when the state budget is in turmoil and local program budgets are being cut, more than $1.5 million per year will be given back directly to local community and school-based programs in South Carolina; during a time when schools are eliminating positions and stretching dollars as far as they can go, teachers will be put back into South Carolina's middle schools to teach health education; Spartanburg and Horry County will be able to intensify existing teen pregnancy prevention efforts to levels our state has never seen; the SC Campaign will continue to leverage public and private dollars to help combat one of the most serious issues facing our state…

THAT my friends is the real story! We are keenly aware that the hard work starts now. Our staff is prepared. Our Board and leadership team is providing great guidance to the process. Now, all that we need is you – our loyal supporters and colleagues that work so hard each and every day at the local level to invest in young people. We look forward to having you join on us this terrific journey to success!

by: Forrest Alton, CEO of the SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy
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