Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Five Weeks From Today...

Five weeks from today (if not before) we will meet our sweet baby girl! It’s hard to believe this journey is almost over and that a new life is about to turn our world upside down.  And to be honest, the feelings of nervousness are starting to set in a little.  I mean, it’s been 3.5 years since there was an infant in my house; I’m not confident I remember how to do this.  So, now my nights are spent lying in bed (because it’s the only place I am comfortable) reading baby books.  There is so much to remember – like the different positions to use when trying to breast feed, breast feeding techniques that (should) make it easier, how often she will eat, what color her poop should be, how many times a day she should be peeing, etc.  And by the way, did you know it will be about 11 or so dirty diapers per day at first?!

This past weekend, Charlie and I got all of the necessities out of the attic – the car seat, the stroller, the baby bottles, the diaper bag, etc., and it all started to feel very real.  Sure, I am nervous about having surgery again, but that pain will only be temporary.  I am more nervous about the sleepless nights, having another person that relies solely on me for EVERYTHING – her security, her love, her food, her comfort.  Will I be able to give her everything she needs while also making Lucas feel like he is still my #1?  I think he is going to adapt to this change just fine, but I pray that I have the strength to be a good mom of two.

But, what I know I have is a strong support system – a husband who will be there every step of the way; a supportive mom and dad who would love to have Lucas spend the night with them whenever needed; a mother-in-law who is a nurse and accustomed to working night shift who, if I’m lucky, might come help me a night or two; and tons of other friends and family who will be there when I need them.

What is hard for me to comprehend is for a young girl to go through this at the age of 16 without a strong support system.  I remember when I was 16 and the most important things in my life were my basketball teammates, my cheerleading squad, Charlie (yes, he’s been in my life since high school), making good grades under some tough teachers like Mr. and Mrs. Minton and getting my Honda Civic!  It really is hard to imagine throwing all of the pressures, emotions and struggles of having a baby into that mix.  Having one child at home and one on the way, just makes me more passionate about the work I do at the SC Campaign every day!  If I can help, in some small way, to prevent a young girl from having to grow up too fast, I want to do my part.

by: Cayci Banks, Director of Communications, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy

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