Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where are the Single Ladies? I Only See Pre-teen Girls!

So let’s go ahead and talk about it! The video- the risqué costumes, the shocking and suggestive dance moves…nope, not the newest Lady Gaga video-it is a dance recital of pre-teen girls, filmed, posted all of the internet, to the shock and disgust of most mommies on the blogsphere! But here’s something that is also interesting, the kids of parent bloggers are seeing it too…but not just on the internet.
Pre-teens today are exposed to the same amount of media that older teens are, and as shocking as it might be, they are also very aware of what these media messages are portraying-“SEX SELLS!” Pre-pubescent children are on the brink of big changes to their bodies, their minds, and their social interactions, but parents tend to think they are not yet aware of sex or sexuality. “TeenNICK” should prove them wrong, but it’s hard for parents to let go of the idea of their baby and grasp the idea that there is an independent person just waiting to start fighting their way into adulthood!
With the visual of the  young girls crumping” (thank you little sister!) and “grinding” to "Single Ladies", parents have the option (and the right!) to be upset. They can be glad it isn’t their child, and that they are more responsible than to have them exposed to "that kind of extracurricular activity" (seriously a quote from a web comments!). Parents also have the option to sit quietly as their children absorb more of this sexualized culture without any guidance or filter, which many will do, judging from the online comments already posted all over the web!
But parents can also do something else.  They can have a conversation about this video or about what their teens are seeing everywhere in today’s media world. They can use it as a doorway to talk about self respect, self esteem, sexuality (everyone has it!), and anything else parents or children want to discuss!  Turn off the TV, take a break from the internt-Learn the CHICKEN DANCE!  Spend time being the filter, teaching your children your values!
Use the opportunites that media give all caring adults to talk to our young people.  Because if we don't, videos like this will.
By:  Taylor Wilson

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