Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Day on the Job

Me and Summer Institute 2012 Keynote Speaker Steve Perry
I think we can all agree that your first day on the job can be a frightening experience.  You don’t know what to expect – from what your typical day looks like, to how your co-workers will receive you, to what your work space entails.  Nearly six years ago, when I joined the SC Campaign, I would say it was definitely orientation by fire!  My first week on the job was the week of the SC Campaign’s signature event – Summer Institute.

To say my first week was a whirlwind was an understatement.  Second day on the job I was carpooling to Charleston with three co-workers and sharing living quarters with five co-workers at a house on Sullivan’s Island.  I was nervous, but in hindsight was glad to have had this time to get to know people on a more personal level.    

That first week on the job gave me some insight into my new position, the organization, the issue and my co-workers.  Looking back, it was a wonderful way to be oriented into the SC Campaign.  I saw the teamwork that goes on behind the scenes of putting on one of the best teen pregnancy prevention conferences in the country.  I learned from many experts in the field and walked away with knowledge of the issue – which, at that time, to be perfectly clear, knew nothing about teen pregnancy prevention.  My background was in Communications, not Public Health, so my learning curve was huge.

Over the years, what I have come to love most about Summer Institute is that there is something for everyone.  Whether it’s your first day on the job or you are a seasoned teen pregnancy prevention professional – there are workshops, keynotes and networking opportunities for everyone.  As we approach our 14th Annual Summer Institute, I hope you will join us!  And for all you bargain shoppers – make sure to register by April 1 to get our Early Bird Discount.  If you’re anything like me – you love a good deal! You can register by clicking on this link: Register now.

by Cayci Banks, Director of Communications, SC Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy 

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