Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Hairless Wonder

He is a hairless man.  I’m not much for the hairy type. He has always said the Padgett ancestors are Native American.  I can see that.  Regardless, hair or not, he is the wonder of my life.  

Even though he knows he can’t grow a mustache and even though when friends ask what I do for a living he gives the line, “She prevents teen pregnancy; I’m against it too.”  When I asked if he would raise money for the SC Campaign his reply, “Sure,” his next statement, “ Did you say a mustache?”  

There will be no handlebars or Magnum PI stashes (Check out some other cool mustaches here!)  for Josh but a man that loves his wife enough to sport some chops and the “pencil” is the wonder of my life. Check out Josh's page to donate! Mustache Madness

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